Educational Applications For Spelling Development

A word sort is an important developmental word study activity that focuses students' attention on critical features of words, namely sound, pattern, and meaning. Word sorts are often used in schools around the world the old way by cutting out and working with pieces of paper. Not anymore!

SAVE PRECIOUS TIME creating word sorts for your class and take advantage of a large library of developmental word sorts ready for students to use. Approximately 400 word sorts are available in the Word Sort Wizard Library.  Sorts cover all stages of spelling development, including: Letter Name Alphabetic; Within Word Pattern; Syllables and Affixes; and Derivational Relations.


A collection of native IPad/IPhone educational apps to assist in spelling development can be found HERE.  Trial/LITE versions are also available at that link to sample how the apps work. These contain no advertisements.


For Windows/MacOS/Chrome and other desktop users a collection of web based word sort exercises to assist in spelling development can be found HERE. These contain advertisements.








‘Look Say Cover Write Check Spelling’ uses a multisensory approach to learning spelling which enables young students through to adults to learn to spell words independently. Using this tried and tested method, learners study the word visually (looking for known spelling patterns, similarities/differences to other words, breaking into syllables, finding easy/difficult parts of the word), say the word aloud (think of how the pronunciation assists/complicates the spelling of the word), hide the word, write the word, and check the spelling (letter for letter). With the ‘Look Say Study Write Check Spelling’ app, you can access over 5000 words suitable for primary (elementary) school students through to adults. Word lists are developmental, catering for early phase learners through to spelling buffs honing their skills for spelling bees.