WORD SORT LIBRARY (Windows Desktops/Laptops, Apple Desktops/Laptops, Chromebooks, IPad) – SAVE PRECIOUS TIME creating word sorts for your class and take advantage of a large library of developmental word sorts ready for students to use. Over 700 word sorts are available in the library. Sorts cover all stages of spelling development, including: Letter Name Alphabetic; Within Word Pattern; Syllables and Affixes; and Derivational Relations.

CUSTOM WORD SORTS (Windows Desktops/Laptops, Apple Desktops/Laptops, Chromebooks, IPad) – This section allows users to create, edit and play word sorts using customised word lists. Teachers can then give students access to these sorts via the Student Access link below and a share code. The share code is maintained under the My Account link in the top bar above when logged in.

STUDENT ACCESS – Teachers, you can give your students read only access to the website's resources (the sort library, custom sorts, etc.) by setting up an access code for them. You can share your sorts/library under the custom sorts section HERE.

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