Improve your spelling with this Windows application

Word Sort Wizard For Windows

This is the Windows version of Word Sort Wizard.

Minimum system Requirements

Windows 8/10 (Not compatible with VirtualBox, etc)

1024x768 Screen Resolution or greater

Click the button below to download a limited demo of the software.

To purchase the software:

1. Download and install the program. If asked to allow the program to proceed or make changes select YES/OK.

Sometimes Antivirus/Windows/Smartscreen software can ERRONEOUSLY block the installation of downloaded software. You may need to override Antivirus/Windows/Smartscreen software so it can proceed and install it. You can also scan the installation file at www.virustotal.com if you are unsure.

2. Start the program.

3. Click the 'PURCHASE/ACTIVATE' button on the first screen.

Download For Windows 8/10

MD5 Checksum: 9599cd1aeda9d042028271dce1df4939